UNCG Phishing Gallery

Examples of Illegitimate Websites Used for Identity Theft

“Phishing” (pronounced “fishing”) is a sophisticated identity theft tactic in which an illegitimate website is created to trick a person into entering information such as: username, email, password, pin code, etc. This information is then used to compromise and exploit a person’s accounts.

Phishing websites can be simple or elaborate. Some go to great lengths to masquerade as a legitimate site, even copying official images and interactive elements. This website is a gallery of some of the sites which have been used to target UNCG students, faculty and staff.

You can also view recommendations for protecting yourself against phishing attacks.

Basic phish examples, one identity as 'UNCG'

Dropbox phish

Phish with Foreign Language

Global themed phish

Phish emulating UNCG Single Sign on (SSO)

Phish site, purple and with a clock image

Phish using Tripod website service

Phish with UNCG logo

Fake Google Login